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Today, pay tribute to the most beautiful stickers of the festival!

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  May, blooming season, beloved season, Thanksgiving season, labor season.
  Warm spring has been gradually away from us, sweat is also shining in the bright sunshine in the forehead of workers, May Day Labor Day, this symbol of people working days, every day, we are happy for the bustling, for the better Of tomorrow and struggle.
  Today is the May Day International Labor Day, in the majority of people to unload the work pressure to enjoy a small holiday, you and me around, in the Swiss family, busy figure is still everywhere ... ... from year after year day after day Of the security, to the day and night non-stop soft magnetic workshop, from the device business to create three equipment installation, to the stove before the canteen master, how good life, in addition to ideas, more labor. They are our side of the most common workers, hard working, no regrets, stick to the post in the post. With hard-working hands, with the most sincere heart quietly labor, let us moved and proud, but also because of these "moved", only full of Sino-Swiss four seasons of spring and autumn harvest; precisely because of these "Touched", which makes the Swiss more firmly forward to go further confidence, they use the action to choose homes with, with dedication to show the style of the workers in the festival, they are the most beautiful in Switzerland, a beautiful scenery!
  In this, Shandong Zhongrui Electronics Co., Ltd. wish all staff happy day Labor Day!
  Labor to create the world, diligence is always virtues, this argument, on any time are categorically.
  Labor Day, to pay tribute to the post in the Swiss people tribute: you hard!
  When we were sleeping, some people had started working tense.
  When we rest, some people greet the busiest moments.
  The beauty of labor never goes away.
  Around the situation, warm often.
  Any position should be understood and respected.
  Ordinary posts, with an extraordinary adherence.
  Tribute to all the hard work of the Swiss people!
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