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Linyi High-tech Zone: to promote the excellent high-tech industry, "high heights"

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  Linyi High-tech Zone adhere to innovation and lead, industry support, science and technology Xingcheng, focusing on the development of "5 +3 +4" modern industrial clusters, leading the regional characteristics of industry across the upgrade, and strive to build high-tech industry "new heights."
  "5" is the modern industry cluster of "5 + 3 + 4": "5" is the five new industries of electronic information, new energy, biomedicine, new materials and advanced equipment manufacturing. "3" is the science and technology service, industrial logistics, ecotourism three Large modern service industry; "4" is the real estate, modern agriculture, textile and garment, energy saving and environmental protection four traditional industries.
  Linyi High-tech Zone Party Committee Deputy Secretary, deputy director of the CMC Li Xianrong: Linyi in terms of the whole situation, the high-tech industry is too small, high-tech enterprises output value of the contribution rate of finance is low, it should be said that this is a reality. As a state-level high-tech industrial areas we also have this responsibility, have this obligation, the entire high-tech industry developed and grow up.
  As an important carrier and platform for the development of the city's hi-tech industry, the high-tech zone is an important growth pole of the city's economic development, but whether it can maintain the technological innovation characteristics of the high-tech zones and whether the technology vitality can be a catalyst for stimulating the rapid growth of enterprises and become a high- Functional positioning of the touchstone.
  Entrepreneurship good ideas how to become a good project, may be placed in front of many entrepreneurs a problem, and in the high-tech zones science and technology enterprise incubator, relaxed policy environment, excellent office conditions for entrepreneurs to remove the worries, Where more than 400 small and medium enterprises are sailing, began a new journey.
  In this nearly 250,000 square meters of science and technology enterprise incubator, including electronic information, new energy, bio-medicine, animation culture and other types of enterprises here, shells out, formed from the R & D, pilot to industrialization A complete chain of three hatching. Linyi Zhongrui Electronics Co., Ltd. is born in the technology incubator in a local science and technology enterprises.
  Shandong Zhenrui Electronics Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Xie Zhen: to the high-tech zone incubator, incubator gave us a lot of concessions, including policy, tax and so on concessions. Prompting us from two people to the development of entrepreneurship now more than 300 people scale.
  Now, the Swiss has been from the production of low-end magnetic materials, small businesses, the rapid growth of high-tech zones for the electronic information industry vanguard, the company's products into South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other electronics industry developed areas. Out of the hatchery, into the industrial park, this year, Sino-Swiss electronics and investment 280 million yuan, the construction of new electronic materials production projects, will be completed after the completion of more supporting enterprises to enter the park development.
  Shandong Zhenrui Electronics Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Xie Zhen: Because we often contact some of the international companies, so that we arranged in the high-tech zone electronics industry park, may also be intended to plant like a small plane trees , Perhaps in the future with our thrive to grow and develop, attracted a lot of good Phoenix.
  Now, more and more domestic and foreign cutting-edge technology level of high-end enterprise projects settled in high-tech zones, Shandong Wei Kang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Oceanography to develop chitin health care project, the company turned over three years Twice.
  In the high-tech zones, such as Zhongrui Electronics, Yixing Electric, Wei Kang biological these high-tech enterprises, in the "one city eight district" platform construction from small to big, from weak to strong; now, by "5 +3 +4 "Modern industrial clusters planning the east wind, these stars will become the fire of high-tech zones across the development of a strong driving force.
  Linyi High-tech Zone Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary, deputy director of the CMC Li Xianrong: one is to cultivate the backbone of the leading enterprises to the stock of enterprises bigger and stronger, the incremental strokes cited strong, and strive to make our backbone to become our industrial system Leaders at the same time also do a good job throughout the park construction, build a good platform for enterprise development, the third aspect is to build a good optimization and development environment.
  The next step, high-tech zones will be attracting investment as a lifeline to project construction as the support to the expansion of enterprises as the key to speed up the construction of high-tech zones with the characteristics of the modern industrial system, to build the future of Linyi ecological science and technology city. By 2016, Linyi Hi-tech Zone will achieve a total output value of 132.5 billion yuan, tax revenue of 4.3 billion yuan; to 2018 to achieve total output value of 308 billion yuan, tax 11.18 billion yuan, the cumulative investment of 126.9 billion yuan.
  Gao Xian District Party Committee Deputy Secretary, deputy director of the CMC Li Xianrong: strive to our Linyi Hi-tech Development Zone to create the city's high-tech innovation heights, the project incubation highlands, industrial development of high ground, high-tech radiation led high ground.
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