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Linyi City, the quality of brand building press conference held

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  May 10, is China's first "China Brand Day", the State Council recently established the "China Brand Day" set, will promote the supply side of China's structural reform, speed up the transformation of new and old energy, strengthen the quality of brand building An important role in promoting. In order to comply with this trend, this morning, Linyi City, the construction of quality brand press conference held in a timely manner, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the letter, Agriculture Bureau, Finance Bureau, Wei Planning Commission, People's Bureau, Bureau of Commerce, Environmental Protection Agency, Commission, Trade and Industry Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Food and Drug Administration and other organs of more than 10 organs, as well as 15 business representatives attended the meeting, Linyi City Quality Supervision Bureau Huang Jie made an important speech at the meeting.
  Huang Jie, director of the introduction to the participants in recent years, the city's quality brand building situation, as well as the 2016 Linyi City Mayor Quality Award and the standard innovation contribution award assessment and results. Among them, the standard lead to see, the standard determines the quality, quality cast brand. He said: At present the city adopted more than 500 international standards, participation in the revision of national standards, industry standards, more than 320 local standards; 2016 city of three new national standardization pilot, 13 provincial standardization pilot, the city Approved the third batch of the national logistics standardization model city. In particular, the "ferrite core" developed by Shandong Zhongrui Electronic Co., Ltd. and Jinzhengda Group formulated the "Controlled Release Fertilizer" two international standards have been officially released by the International Organization for Standardization, the city in the international standard to achieve a "zero breakthrough ", To seize the international competition in the market high ground.
  At the meeting, the staff immediately announced the list of winners, our company developed the standard "ferrite core surface defect limit guidelines Part 8: PQ core" won the 2016 annual Linyi City, the second prize of innovation and contribution of innovation. The honor of the acquisition, fully embodies the company in the standard development has been with the international standards!
  Finally, Huang Juchang summed up the emphasis that the next Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau will increase the intensity of efforts to give full play to the quality of the work of the Leading Group Office and the role of the Office of the Joint Office of the role of building to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line, The implementation of the municipal government "on accelerating the construction of the views of the brand" and the new and old kinetic energy transformation project strategic deployment, in-depth implementation of the quality of the city, the standard lead and brand-driven strategy to speed up the manufacturing sector and other areas of quality brand building to speed up the city's high-end brand development , To promote the "Linyi brand" to the country, to the world. Huang Juchang's remarks, the company declared this year Linyi City Mayor Quality Award will undoubtedly have a great role in promoting.
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